Earls 19 Row Oil Cooler Core Grey

Earls 19 Row Oil Cooler Core Grey

19 Row Oil Cooler Core Grey

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Weight 39.8 oz
Dimensions 38.75 × 5 × 14.75 cm

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Today’s high performance car packs a lot of power in asmaller package. In order to save both weight and space,the typical OEM cooling system is designed for “normal”driving conditions. When driven hard for extended periods,the cooling system may prove less than adequate.Earl’s offers the solution to marginal cooling systems-race proven lightweight and efficient oil coolers designedto fit in the smallest practical space.Any performance vehicle can benefit from the TEMP-ACUREdifference. Tow vehicles, motor homes, passengercars and even motorcycles can realize extended engineand/or transmission efficiency and life with an Earl’sTEMP-A-CURE oil cooler.Racing cars have always required oil coolers. Since WorldWar II, most racing cars, world wide, have utilized brazedaluminum “modular” oil coolers. The basic design of themodular oil cooler dates back to the early 1930s when itwas developed for use with the Rolls Royce Merlin enginethat powered the Spitfires and Hurricanes that won theBattle of Britain. This type of cooler with its internal turbulatorplates and dense air fins provides maximum liquidside and air side surface area. The large collector tanksensure minimum flow restriction. The fully brazed constructionresults in the most efficient possible thermaltransfer path between liquid and air. All of this adds up tothe most thermally efficient liquid-to-air heat exchangeravailable.