Frequently Asked Questions

Are Earl’s Braided Brake Hoses approved for street use?
The “screw together” hoses we produce at Earl’s Australia aren’t “street legal” for replacement of FLEXIBLE brake hoses although their ultimate pressure rating and tensile strength is probably superior to those braided brake hoses that are legal. So our braided brake hoses are really for Off Road and On Track use.

Can I replace my rubber radiator hoses with stainless braided hose?
Mostly, no. The large sizes of braided hose are very stiff and will not conform to the bends taken by nearly all radiator hoses. So we suggest you cover (preferably new) rubber radiator hoses with our high quality Tube-Braid™ stainless steel sleeve which usually comes up looking just like the “real thing”. To complete the job, use our Red, Blue or Chrome Plated Econo-Fit™ cover clamps.

Is it possible to replace all of the hoses in the engine bay?
Basically Yes, except for Air Conditioning hoses. Most often you can use our Auto-Flex™ stainless braided hose for Heater and Fuel hoses. However on many modern cars, with everything crammed into a small space, many hoses are moulded to fit the limited space available and you may be forced to use Tube-Braid™ sleeve on those as real braided hose may not bend sufficiently. Some recent cars also employ special push-together ends, and the only way round this may be to use adaptors into and out of the fuel rail together with our screw on braided hose ends.

Is their any limitation on the use of the black Nylon covered Pro-Lite 350; hose?
Bear in mind that the pressure rating of this hose (350psi for most sizes) is less than that for braided hose. This is plenty for most automotive applications. You may need to use the optional inner support spring if the Pro-Lite 350; hose has to take sharp bends or is being used in a suction situation. Normally this spring will have no significant effect on flow, but in Marine applications with a high oil flow requirement and the throttle wide open almost all the time, we suggest you do NOT use Pro-Lite 350; hose, preferring Earl’s Performo-Flex ; stainless braided hose instead.

How easy is it to fit AERO flush fit type filler caps to cars?
On cars where the original cap was on the outside of the body, not too hard usually. Cars with a door over the cap are more of a problem, and you might even have to get a good panel beater to make and fit a special replacement for the door with holes to suit the Aero cap. Fitting to the floor of Utes is usually quite simple. If in doubt, get help from a panel beater.

How easy is it to assemble hose ends to braided hose?
You will find a PDF file in the Earl’s Catalogue section of this website which shows how to put all the hose ends and hoses together. It helps to have a vice with soft jaws, and aluminium spanners, both of which make it less likely that you will scratch the anodised hose end. Earl’s have a full range of these spanners and can also supply soft jaws. Alternatively put some tape on the spanner or shifter you intend using which will help. If you are in or near Sydney, we at Earl’s in Silverwater will assemble hoses for you, usually “while you wait”. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes per hose. We do however charge for this service

Are Earl’s hoses OK to use with E85 and Methanol?
Earl’s Teflon – lined Speed-flex and Ultra-Flex hose has always been fine for use with these fuels. For the last few years all Earl’s rubber – lined hose varieties – Performo-Flex, Auto-Flex, Pro-Lite 350, Pro-lite Ultra and Superstock – have had a new inner liner which has made them compatible with almost any fuel – E10, E85, 98 Octane, Methanol as well as more traditional hydrocarbon fuels and oils. So yes, NO WORRIES about E85 with Earl’s.