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Company History

Earl’s Performance Australia was established late 1990 and opened its doors on January 16th 1991 with a staff of just Martin Fell.  In February 2015 the business was sold to employee Jack Hayek and Martin retired

The company was a joint venture between Martin and Earl’s Performance of the USA.  Earl’s USA was subsequently bought by Holley Performance,  who later sold their shares to Martin.

The main product line is of course the range of Earl’s Braided  Hose and  Fittings,  Aluminium, Steel and Stainless hose ends and adaptors, Oil Coolers and a wide range of accessories – clamps, filters, tools….

Martin had sold Tilton Racing Brake, Clutch and Super Starter products in his earlier employment so it was a natural to bring them on board.  Similarly a  range of Girling Master Cylinders and Fluid Reservoirs which have been used in Racing for fifty years or so.  All available from Earl's Australia.

Another product range represented in Australasia by Earl’s is the beautiful Aero Aviation style and Classic fuel filler caps crafted by Newton equipment in England. 

Weldon Racing Fuel Pumps, regulators and Filters are available from Earl's Australia,  and all carry a lifetime warranty!

 Our aim is very simple: to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service possible.


Meet the Team

At Earl's we consider that our staff are "masters of all trades" so any one of us should be capable of handling your enquirie.


JACK HAYEK - owner.  Jack has a long career in Hydraulics and also in Performance parts,  particularly fuel and oil systems.  Jack joined Earl's in 2013, and late in 2014 expressed a long-held desire to purchase the business of Earl's Australia and fold it into his own company, JMN Industris Pty Ltd.  The deal was finalised late February 2015,  Earl's employees Geoff and Ian joining Jack in the new venture. Jack's knowledge is held in high estgeem by Earl's cutomers.

GEOFF HODGSON. Joined Earl's in 1992 from a background in the printing trade. After 23 years in the business there is not much Geoff doesn't know!

 ! IAN HALPERIN.   Management with Counter sales. Ian joined Earl's 5 years ago, his main role being administration and financial control.  He has also had, of course, to learn the productsand has become very versatile.


Earl’s Performance Products Australia gratefully acknowledges the permission granted by Holley Performance Products Inc., Tilton Engineering Inc. Weldon racing pumps and Newton Equipment Ltd. for us to use their Logos and other Copyright material in this website.

Our Warranty

Earl's Performance Products Australia warrants all parts sold by it as being free from defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from date of sale to the end user. Parts used in any form of Motor Sport Competition, damaged in transit or otherwise subjected to misuse or abuse, are excluded form any expressed or implied warranty. For full warranty description and terms for all our product lines please call us.


The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product, and shall not exceed the original purchase price of the product, nor shall Earl's Performance Products Australia be responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages.


Earl's Performance Products Australia reserves the sole and exclusive right to determine the nature and cause of any real or alleged defect.


It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that Hose Assemblies are tested for freedom from obstruction and preferably also for pressure leaks. All Brake equipment should preferably be fitted by qualified experts.


Weldon racing fuel pumps and regulators come with a lifetime replacement waranty.
Hows that for confidence in a product.

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